2018 Refrigerant Mandate

As of January 1, 2018 the EPA added new regulations in regards to the purchase of refrigerant.  See the EPA website to read firsthand the changes and requirements.


For Large Cylinders – over 10 pounds – the seller must keep an invoice listing the name, date, and quantity of refrigerant sold. The seller must see a section 608 or 609 technician certification card. If the purchaser is acquiring the product on behalf of a shop, then evidence must be provided that at least one of the technicians in that shop is certified. The seller must keep a copy of the purchaser’s technical certificate on file and all records must be kept for a minimum of three years.


For Small Cans – to the general public, two pounds or less of R134a – There is no restriction on sale of cans less than two pounds, but the can should be manufactured with self-sealing valve.

For technicians who have completed section 608 or 609 certifications, the certification does not expire. For technicians who have misplaced their credentials and require a new copy, please contact the issuing company (eg: MACS) for a replacement. A processing fee may apply. For technicians who require certification, please visit the MACS website (www.macsw.org) for section 609 certification including training on handling the new refrigerant R-1234yf. The training and certification test cost $20.00.

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